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  13400 BOWMAN RD
  AUBURN, CA 95603
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06/15/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 3

Observed bagged ice without label including facility information. Ice that is bagged on site must be labeled with the facility name, and address or phone number. Provide stamp or labels.

Observed prepackages sandwiches and burrito probed at 52-53*F in small refrigerator next to the soda fountain. Cold holding must be maintained at <41*F. Note: all food probed over 50*F was voluntarily discarded at the time of inspection. Service/repair/replace refrigeration unit. Use alternative refrigeration unit holding <41*F to store potentially hazardous foods.

Observed unlabeled spray bottles with unknown cleaning agent. Working containers of chemicals must be clearly labeled with the common name of the product it contains.

Inspection Memo:

01/06/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 2

Observed no soap or paper towels provided at the sink in the back next to the ice machine. Handwashing facilities including soap and paper towels must be provided in all prep and warewashing area. Corrected on site.

Conduct deep clean of both men's and women's restroom. Comply by 1.13.2020.

Inspection Memo:

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