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  7739 N LAKE BLVD
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Due to Covide 19, only the first 23 items on the checklist were inspected.

No violations observed at the time of the inspection.

Floors in the hall and bar area have been replaced.

Facility is using ice wands to cool soups and sauces.

Remember to keep all food containers a minimum of 6" off the floor at all times.

Run dishwasher at least 3 times and verify rinse temperature is reaching 180*F prior to running dishes through.

Shell eggs must be stored below ready to eat food items.

Observe Workplace plan posted, sanitizer spray bottles throughout facility, tables 6' apart, and employees wearing masks.

Employees are conducting self wellness checks.
07/09/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

All cold holdings were in compliance.

Be sure to use cooling paddles in big sauce batches when they are cooling at room temperatures.

A green placard was posted at the time of inspection.
01/15/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 7

Counter fryer unit must be located under a hood. Move.

1) Observed numerous uncovered food containers, both in refrigeration units and dry foods. Be sure all foods are covered.
2) Observed numerous food containers without dates. Any foods not used within 24 hours of preparation must be dated.
3) Observed facility reusing containers meant for single use only, like butter and mozzarella cheese. Only reuse food grade containers designed to be reused.

1) Replace external rinse cycle thermometer on the dishwasher. This is a repeat violation.
2) Clean microwave and refrigeration units of old food crumbs and splatter.
3) Clean soda gun holsters, nozzles, and face plates.

Provide drainage line for right hand side soda gun holster.

1) Sheet vinyl in the bar, hall leading from the dining room into the kitchen, and liquor closet off the bar is pealing and missing, rendering it no longer smooth and easily cleanable. Flooring must be replaced. Contact this office to go over approved flooring options.
Note: this is a repeat violation. If violation is not corrected by next routine inspection, a yellow placard may be issued until compliance is achieved.
2) Thoroughly clean ceiling and piping along ceiling of grease buildup on the left of the hood.

Observed numerous refrigeration units without thermometers. Provide.

High temperature dishwasher final rinse temperature only reaching 110*F. Manually sanitize dishes and utensils until high temperature dishwasher reaches 180*F or above. Provide a receipt from Ecolab showing proper repair to this office prior to using dishwasher again. External thermometer is not accurate and needs to be replaced.
Note: be sure sanitizer buckets are prepared prior to preparing foods.

Inspection Memo:

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