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7 ELEVEN #42033
  COLFAX, CA 95713
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03/31/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 5

Observed waste pipes positioned below the rim of the floor sink located under the F'Real machine.

Observed waste pipes from the prep sink draining to the floor sink under the 3-comp sink without a proper air gap.

All equipment that drains liquid waste must discard into a floor sink via indirect connection (ie. one inch air gap between the bottom the pipe and the rim of the floor sink).

Observed significant debris accumulation on the floor under the reachin refrigerator in the back room. Pull out equipment and clean.

Observed flour stored on the floor in the storage area on the side of the facility. All food must be stored at least 6 inches above the floor to prevent contamination and faciltate cleaning. Corrected on site.

Observed wet mops in buckets next to the mop sink. Mops must be hung to dry.

Note: a food facility change of ownership application was submitted to Placer County Environmental Health. Please be aware, upon change of owner the facility is required to be brought into compliance with the current Health and Safety code.

The following item(s) will need to be brought into compliance:

- No handsink provided in the warewashing are. Per HSC 113953(b)(1) " facilities constructed or extensively remodeled after January 1, 1996, that handle nonprepackaged food, shall provide facilities exclusively for handwashing in food preparation areas and in warewashing areas that are not located within or immediately adjacent to food preparation areas. Handwashing facilities shall be sufficient in number and conveniently located so as to be accessible at all times for use by food employees."

Note: prior to any construction, remodeling or equipment change, plans must be submitted and approved by Placer County Environmental Health, as well as all other appropriate agencies (ie. City of Colfax)

Inspection Memo:

01/30/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 1
 Minor - 3

REPEAT VIOLATION - Major violation - Observed sanitizer bucket in the prep area with <50ppm quat sanitizer. Sanitizer solution must be provided at 200ppm and be changed out at least every 4 hours. Corrected on site.

Observed <50 ppm quat sanitizer in a spray bottle labeled "Sanitizer". Sanitizer must be prepared to 200ppm. Correct.

Observed grime, dust and debris accumulation on the floor behind and on the side of equipment throughout the facility. Pull out equipment and clean!

Observed significant grime accumulation on the handles of the reach in refrigerator/freezer. Thoroughly clean and sanitize handles to prevent cross contamination. Comply by 1.31.2020

Observed several unlabeled spray bottles. Working containers used for storing poisonous or toxic materials such as cleaners and sanitizers taken from bulk supplies shall be clearly and individually identified on the container with the common name of the material. Correct immediately.

Inspection Memo:

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