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7 ELEVEN #23009F
  3041 RIVER RD
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Facility is clean and organized.
Cold holding temps <41F
Hot holding temps >135F

NOTE: Back stock throughout the store shall be worked onto shelves to get food items off of floor and create more isle space in stock rooms and walk in cooler.
08/26/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 6

Observed: Slurpee machine leaking syrup on counter. Fountain drink dispenser is dirty and sticky. Utensil holder for self serve items dirty with old dried on food.

Corrective Action: Discontinue use of Slurpee machine until it can be repaired to avoid continuous leak. Clean and sanitize fountain drink dispenser. Utensil holder was cleaned and replaced on site.

Observed: Placard not posted on front door. Environmental Health permit posted is expired.

Corrective Action: Placer County placard required to be posted on door at all times. Replace expired Environmental Health permit with most current.

Observed: Large amounts of food in storage rooms and walk in cooler not stocked and being held on floors in delivery totes.

Corrective Action: Stock all back stock items properly on shelves to get them off of floors and out of delivery totes.

Observed: Syrup leak from Slurpee machine all over counter.

Corrective Action: Clean and sanitize area in and around Slurpee machine.

Observed: Three compartment sink will only reach 113F.

Corrective Action: Water temperature shall reach 120F minimum. Repeat violation, correct immediately.

Observed: Food Manager certification not available to be viewed by inspector at the time of inspection.

Corrective Action: Each food facility shall have a Certified Food Safety Manager on staff. The Certified Food Safety Manager certificate shall be posted in the food facility.

Inspection Memo:

Facility is clean and organized.
Cold holding temps <41F
Hot holding temps >135F
Sanitizer at buckets at 200PPM Quaternary Ammonia
Hand wash sinks are stocked and fully operational.
Food safety manager cert current and available at time of inspection.

Facility following current Covid 19 protocols.
No signature acquired per Covid 19 inspection protocols.
02/26/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 3

Observed: Water at the 3 compartment sink temped at 117F and would go no further.

Corrective Action: Water at 3 compartment sink shall reach a minimum of 120F. Adjust water heater to meet requirement of 120F at faucet.

Observed: Lighting above 3 compartment sink could not be verified as shatter proof and had no covers.

Corrective Action: Replace lighting ballast with shatter proof style or provide covers for lighting fixture.

Observed: Microwave oven has dried on splatter on top section. Small water leak coming from water heater area.

Corrective Action: Clean microwave to remove dried on splatter. Repair water leak near water heater.

Inspection Memo:

Due to Covid-19, only the first 23 items were inspected on the inspection report.

Observed drinks stored in restroom. Drinks were moved to dry storage at the time of the inspection.

Observed social distancing signage and hand sanitizer available for customers.

Employees wearing face masks and using gloves.

Sanitizer levels in compliance.

Plexi glass barrier placed between customers and employees at register.

Drink cups being stored behind the counter.

Sanitize refrigeration and drink dispenser handles hourly or more often as needed.
06/24/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

All holding temperatures are in compliance.

Remember to wash hands, and clean and sanitize surfaces often.

A green placard was posted at the time of the inspection.
03/16/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 5

1) Clean floor sink located under the hand wash sink.
2) Clean floors in walk-in refrigeration refrigeration unit of spilled beverages.
3) Clean floors in back room, especially under refrigeration units.

Manager was not on site at the time of the inspection and a copy of the Food Manager's Certification was not posted. Fax this office a copy of the Food Manager's Certification by 4/15/20 to 530.581.6242.
Note: This is a repeat violation. Failure to correct violation may result in a yellow placard.

Front hand wash station was out of paper towels at the start of the inspection. Be sure hand wash stations are stocked with soap and single use paper towels at all times. Complied on site.

Per employee, only washing utensils with soap and water. Discussed the sanitizing steps and the importance of using a sanitizer to kill bacteria. Corrected at the time of the inspection.
Note: wall sanitizer dispenser observed at ~400 ppm quats.

1) Clean microwave ceiling of food splatter.
2) Clean nacho chili/cheese machine of old splatter chili.

Inspection Memo:

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