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Overall facility needs a better cleaning schedule and improve it's pest control practices, please do the following or risk having a pest control issue that could cause you facility to close:
1. Keep door and windows closed at all times and install screens and screen door.
2. Wipe down all surfaces and clean all utensils and equipment before closing
3. Remove any outside food (pet food) and keep garbage can closed

The following was in compliance:
Hand wash sink supplied with soap, paper towels and water temp>100*F
Ware wash sink water temp>120*F
Sanitizer bucket at 100ppm chlorine
Cold holding items<41*F
Hot holding items>135*F
Food Safety Manager Certificate current and available
12/05/2019: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 5

Observed wet wiping cloth on counter surface, keep all cloths in sanitizer bucket and switch it out regularly.

Observed smoke/steam damage from Avantco Countertop Oven on walls. Keep oven in a well ventilated area and make sure to clean wall regularly to avoid build-up of smoke damage. If problem persists with smoke/steam/vapors inside facility a hood will need to be installed or oven will need to be removed.

Observed side door open during inspection, keep door closed at all times and place a screen door if it gets too hot in facility.

Observed ceiling windows/openings with torn screens, replace screens and keep them clean.

Observed pet food tray with food and water below facility, remove tray and keep area clean. This will attract pests that will make their way into the facility.

Observed several dead small cockroaches underneath counter and corner near ice machine. Keep area clean and make sure all food is put away before closing. Hire a pest control company of problem persists.

Garbage can on the side of facility has a hole in the lid for customers to place garbage through hole. Consider getting a lid that is completely closed off to avoid attracting flies and other pests.

Observed mold along baffle of ice machine, please clean and sanitize regularly

Observed food debris and grease build-up along counter top oven, please clean regularly.

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