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  4014 FOOTHILLS BLVD #101
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Routine Inspection:
1) Facility is clean and well organized.
2) Cold holdings in compliance (<41°F).
3) Hot holdings in compliance (>135°F).
4) Food Manager's Cert & Food Handler cards up to date.
5) Handwash sinks supplied and accessible.
6) Sanitizer buckets in compliance. Facility uses bleach sanitizer spray, inspector recorded spray at 100ppm.

Green Placard issued on this date.
08/25/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 1

1.) Observed broken warming oven stored in employee restroom. Please repair or properly dispose of warming over ASAP.

2.) Observed back door propped open with a broom. Please discontinue practice of propping back door open. Manager closed door while inspector was on site. CORRECTED ON SITE.

NOTE: Per manager door is propped open to allow ventilation from the kitchen. Discussed with manager about installing a screen door for the back door, if they want to continue propping open the back door.

Inspection Memo:

Routine Inspection:
-Hand sink accessible and supplied
-3-comp sink recorded with temperature greater than 120 degrees fahrenheit

-News paper being used as table liner. Please discontinue this practice and sanitize food prep table after use. Manager removed news paper and threw it away.
Per manager news paper is placed under donut tray to catch frosting and food debris. Table is then sanitized after news paper is thrown away.

COVID 19 routine restaurant inspection:
-Observed face mask and 6-feet physical distancing sign at donut shop.
-Observed employee wearing face mask.
-Dine in is open to 25% capacity.
-no internal procedure implemented. Reviewed with manager a work place specific plan and discussed sanitizing tables after use.
04/28/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 1

-Observed ten 5-gallon buckets of fudge stored in employee restroom. Please store foods in an area approved for food storage, such as dry food storage area. Per manager foods were ordered by mistake and waiting to be returned.

Inspection Memo:

Routine Inspection
- Hand sink supplied and accessible
- The 3 comp sink provided with hot water > 120*F

COVID-19 Consultation
• Facility has offering take out food service.
• Observed an employee wearing face coverings.
• Hand sanitizer provided at point of sale.
08/10/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

10/23/2019: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

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