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  1930 TAYLOR RD
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Facility has closed its kitchen due to COVID-19. Facility continues to operate small market area.
All cold holding units in market area were at correct temperature of 41F or below.
10/27/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

1) Breakfast service had ended by time of inspection. Due to remodeling of kitchen, breakfast is being served from a temporary space (Room 119).
2) Cold holdings in compliance (<41°F).
3) Food Manager's Cert up to date.
4) Handwash sinks supplied and accessible.
5) Sanitizer spray bottle in compliance.

Call Environmental Health for final inspection of new kitchen once work is completed.

Green Placard issued on this date.
12/05/2019: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

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