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09/17/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 8

Observed a few flies in the kitchen. Take the following precautions to help eliminate flies:
1) Clean and sanitize damp, dark areas in the kitchen (floor sinks, underneath the dishwasher/3-comp sink).
2) Keep all doors closed as much as possible during the day.
3) Install approved light traps with sticky boards, taking care not to risk contamination of food and food contact areas.
4) Contact a licensed pest control service and begin regular service if the above steps do not take care of the issue.

REPEAT VIOLATION - Observed biofilm slime/mold accumulation inside ice machine. Ice machine must be routinely cleaned and sanitized to prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. Drain ice, clean and sanitize inside ice machine. Correct ASAP.

-Observed significant debris and dust build up around the air vent in the kitchen ceiling, as well as the walls. Clean.
-Observed significant grime and splatter on the wall and floor around the boxes of soda next to the walk-in. Clean.

Observed unchained CO2 tanks next to walk-in. All pressurized cylinders shall be securely fastened to a rigid structure.
Correct immediately.

Employee with Food Safety Manager Certificate on file with EH is no longer employed at facility. Acquire new certification ASAP.

Observed no thermometer inside the walk-in refrigerator unit. Thermometers shall be provided inside each refrigeration unit and be easily readable.
Correct ASAP.

Observed bags of pizza dough on the floor of the walk-in refrigerator. All food MUST be stored at least 6" off the floor to prevent contamination.
Correct immediately.

Observed several large containers of prepped vegetables in the walk-in without a date label. Label all food with the date prepared to facilitate the "first in first out" rule. Correct immediately.

Observed ambient temperature inside walk-in refrigerator at 48*F. Unit must maintain temperature at 41*F or below.
Note: Manager contacted maintenance person for service during inspection.

Inspection Memo:

1) Facility is clean and well organized.
2) Cold holdings in compliance (<41°F).
3) Hot holdings in compliance (>135°F).
4) Food Manager's Cert and Food Handler Cards up to date.
5) Handwash sinks supplied and accessible.
6) Sanitizer buckets in compliance.
7) Please make sure all light bulbs in the back kitchen are shatter proof or protected with shatter proof covers.

Green Placard issued on this date.
10/28/2019: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 1

Warewash sink sanitizer was empty at time of inspection. Staff replaced bottle with a full one.

Inspection Memo:

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