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  1185 GALLERIA BLVD #P118
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Routine Inspection Observations:
Hot water from kitchen 3 compartment sink observed at 120*F.
Warm water from hand sinks observed at 100*F.
Most cold holding of potentially hazardous foods observed at <41*F, see violation.
Hot holding of potentially hazardous foods observed at >135*F.
Sanitizer solution for wiping cloths observed at 200pm quaternary ammonia.
Sanitizer solution at kitchen and bar chlorine dish machines verified at 50ppm chlorine.
Please organize food handler cards and remove cards for employees no longer present.
06/15/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 1
 Minor - 3

Observed two flies inside of facility. Flies appear to be coming through the back door from the refuse area. Observed numerous flies in the refuse area and the grease receptacle lid was maintained open. Per manager, the refuse area is shared with the mall and neighboring restaurant. Facility shall maintain grease receptacle lid closed when not in use and work with neighboring facility to reduce fly presence.

Observed the fly air curtain at back door inoperable. Facility shall repair the unit to turn on when the back door is opened. This should help prevent flies from entering.

1) Replace the damaged blue ice scoop holster at the ice machine. The ice scoop shall be stored in an approved container that is easily cleanable.
2) Clean all containers used to store clean utensils to eliminate food debris.

1) Observed anchovy holding in the pantry fridge at 44*F. Chef adjusted the unit down, correcting the issue.
2) Observed squid holding at 44-47*F in the refrigerator drawer at salad prep top. Check the unit to ensure potentially hazardous foods are maintained at or below 41*F. Chef stated he would add ice for the time being.
3) Observed packages of pre-cooked noodles holding at 44*F in the pasta station refrigerator. The thermometer on the unit showed 46*F. Per chef, the unit and possibly others were in defrost mode. It is recommended to set defrost to occur during non-business hours to ensure foods are maintained at or below 41*F at all times.

No soap present at the bar area hand wash sink. In addition, the sink was inaccessible due to bottles of alcohol and a cutting board stored in and on the unit. Provide soap and ensure the bar area hand wash sink is maintained unobstructed at all times.

Inspection Memo:

Temperatures taken:
Hot water from 3 comp sink at 120F
Warm water from hand sink at 110F
Cold holding at <41F
No hot holding during inspection
Chlorine sanitizer from both dishwasher at 50ppm

COVID-19 Guidelines
• Facility has prepared a Workplace Specific Plan but the current Plan does not included all required elements. Please revised plan to include dining area, menus and shared condiments.
• Observed employees wearing face coverings.
• Observed physical distancing and COVID-19 signs posted.
• Observed barriers installed at point of sale.
• Per manager, high touch areas are sanitized every hour.
• Facility has reduced the outdoor seating capacity of the onsite dining areas to provide a minimum of 6 foot physical distancing.
• Observed hand sanitizer provided at entrance to facility.
• Employees have been trained on the contents of Plan. Training is documented electronically.
• Disposable and contactless menus are being used.
• Employee wellness check prior to starting work. Employee temperatures logged.
08/27/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

Temperatures taken:
Hot water from 3 comp sink at 120F
Warn water from all hand sink at 100F
Chlorine sanitizer from kitchen and bar dish machine at 50ppm
Quat sanitizer from sanitizer bucket and 3 comp sink at 400ppm.
All refrigeration unit at <41F
Hot holding at >135F

1) Failure to correct violation may result in a yellow placard and/ or chargeable re-inspection of $388.00.
2) Please make plans to repair the walls in the soda bag storage area.
09/25/2019: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 5

Observed build ups under racks in the walk in freezer, wine and dry storage. Keep the floors clean.

A) Observed spills inside the refrigeration unit in the bar. Keep equipment clean.
B) Observed build ups inside the soda gun holster in the bar. Keep soda gun holster clean.

C) Observed 2 door Traulsen refrigerator by the back door in disrepair. Repair refrigerator door.
D) Observed build up inside the refrigerator in the buser area across from the front cook line. Keep equipment clean.

Observed food containers and squeeze bottles containing flours, oil and sauces with no labels. Provide.


The health permit was not posted in a conspicuous location. Corrected on site.

Observed quat sanitizer in the sanitizer bucket and 3 comp sink at 400ppm. Maintain quat sanitizer at 200ppm.

Inspection Memo:

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