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  TRUCKEE, CA 96160
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Facility is clean and organized.
Cold holding temps <41F
Hot holding temps >135F
Sanitizer at buckets at 200PPM Quaternary Ammonia
Dishwasher temperature at >160F at dish surface.
Hand wash sinks are stocked and fully operational.
Water temperature at 3 compartment sink >120F
Food safety manager cert current and available at time of inspection.

Facility following current Covid 19 protocols.
No signature acquired per Covid 19 inspection protocols.
01/15/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 4

Observed: Microwave in pizza prep area is dirty. Meat slicer dirty with dried on food.

Corrective Action: Microwave was cleaned during inspection. Meat slicer was cleaned during inspection. Both items were corrected on site.

Observed: Container of sugar stored with no cover in dry goods area,

Corrective Action: Container was covered during inspection. Corrected on site.

Observed: Menu does not include consumer advisory for eating raw or ondercooked foods.

Corrective Action: Provide consumer adviosry for eating raw or undercooked foods on menu.

Observed: Dishwasher at bar registered at 0PPM Chlorine residual.

Corrective Action: Dishwasher shall be put out of service until it can register 50PPM

Inspection Memo:

Reinspection for Rodent Infestation only:

Facility has contracted pest control services through Ecolab.

Droppings have been properly wet cleaned throughout facility.

Be sure to check traps often.

A green placard was posted at the time of the inspection.
02/06/2020: Revisit/Reinspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

All cold and hot holding units are in compliance.

All foods observed well covered/labeled/dated.

Observed good glove use.

Remind employees to properly wash hands prior to putting on gloves and after handling dirty dishes.

A yellow placard was issued for evidence of rodents in the facility. Please contact this office at 530.581.6240 to schedule a reinspection once a receipt from a certified pest management company is available and all dropping have been cleaned.
01/30/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 3

Sanitizer buckets were non-detect at the start of the inspection. It was determined that employee did not properly use wall-mount sanitizer. Buckets were remade and quats sanitizer observed at 200 ppm. Be sure all employees are trained on how to use wall mounted sanitizer system.

Provide sneeze guard for pizza on buffet line. All self-service foods must have the proper protection from contamination. This is a repeat violation.

Observed rodent droppings in the back storage rooms, on flour bags, in the dry storage area of the kitchen, and in the laundry room. A yellow placard was posted at the time of the inspection. Contact this office at 530.581.6240 to schedule a reinspection once a certified pest company's receipt showing the building has been serviced and all droppings have been properly wet-cleaned.

Inspection Memo:

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