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Facility needs to address the following, to avoid a YELLOW or RED PLACARD with closure:
-Create written procedures and time stamps or written time/temperature logs for using time as a public health control.
-Actively work on all open violations.

Note: Facility is actively phasing out the use of single use storage containers and buying food grade storage containers as replacement.

COVID19 routine restaurant inspection:
- Observed face mask and 6-feet physical distancing signs posted.
- Observed employees wearing face mask while working.
- Per manager dine-in is open at 25% capacity, which is line with current state guidelines.
- Observed hand sanitizer at point of sale area.
- Observed internal procedures to sanitizer customer area after each customer use.

Inspector will perform re-inspection from one to two weeks from today's date (5-21-2021).
- Failure to correct violation may result in a yellow placard and/ or chargeable re-inspection of $388.00.
05/21/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 2
 Minor - 5

- Observed fried chicken in hot holding reading 98 degrees °F. Per manager facility uses time as a public health control. No written procedure and record of time when fried chicken was placed in room temperature was observed at time of inspection. Please have a written procedure and begin writing down time potentially hazardous foods are left in room temperature.

-Observed screen for back door with holes and gaps in between and observed air curtain deactivated. Please repair/replace screen for back door and activate air curtain when screen door is not in use.

-Observed sanitizer bucket at 200 ppm chlorine. Maintain 100ppm. Worked with manager on creating chlorine water ratio to reach 100 ppm. Inspector recorded new sanitizer buckets at 100 ppm chlorine. CORRECTED ON SITE.
- Observed no chlorine sanitizer test strips on site. Provide chlorine sanitizer test strips ASAP.
- Observed meat slicer accumulating food debris. Maintain meat slicer to prevent food debris accumulation. Per manager meat slicer is not in use and was only used this morning.
- Observed knives and magnetic knife rack with food debris accumulation. Sanitize and wash knives and magnetic knife rack to prevent food debris accumulation.

-Observed hand wash sink near cook line area blocked by 5-gallon containers and cleaning supplies. Please maintain hand wash sink area to allow it to be accessible at all times. Manager relocated cleaning supplies and 5-gallon containers. CORRECTED ON SITE.

- Observed storage racks in walk-in cooler accumulating food debris. Please maintain storage racks to prevent food debris accumulation.

-Observed fried chicken stored at room temperature. When using time as a public health control, label the food item with the time it was removed from temperature control so that any left after four hours can be discarded. Per manager chicken was placed at room temperature at 10:30am. Facility opens at 11 am and employees begin prep work at 9am. At the time of inspection PHF was still within 4-hours of the danger zone. Discussed with manager on having written procedures to keep track of when food is placed in room temperature.

- Observed floor in walk-in freezer with food debris accumulation. Please maintain floors to prevent food debris accumulation.
- Observed three CO2 tanks not secured with chain. Please maintain CO2 tanks to be securely chained.

Inspection Memo:

Temperatures taken:
Hot water from 3 comp sink at 120F
Warm water from hand sinks at 100F
Hot holding at >135F
Most cold holding at <41F
Chlorine sanitizer from dishwasher at 50ppm

COVID-19 Guidelines
• Max occupancy for facility is listed as 86. Observed 4 guest dining at time of inspection. Please limit number of guest dining inside to 21 or less.
• Facility has prepared a Workplace Specific Plan but the current Plan does not included all required elements. Helped owner revised plan on site.
• Observed all employee wearing face covering.
• COVID-19 or physical distancing signs posted by entrance door.
• Per plan high touch areas are sanitized every 15 minute.
• Dining tables are less than six feet apart. Owner closed tables that are not 6ft apart during inspection.
• Hand sanitizer available at entrance to facility.
• Employee training has not been conducted. Train employees on the Workplace Specific Plan and email copy to
• Disposable menus are being used.
• All condiments are prepackaged or single service for dine in.
• Per Plan, verbal employee wellness check are conducted by manager prior to shift.

Failure to correct violation may result in a yellow placard and/ or chargeable re-inspection.
Please post health permit upon receipt.
Ensure new employee obtain their manager food safety certificate 30 days from date of employment.
Discontinue reusing manufacture containers to store different food.
Remove aluminum foil from cooking equipment.

09/18/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 2
 Minor - 2

Observed four 5gal of chicken broth cooked and cool approximately 6 hours ago in the walk in cooler at 68F.

Manager voluntarily discarded all the chicken broth on site.
Shall properly cool potentially hazardous food from 135F to 70 within 2hrs and from 70F to 41F within 4hrs.
Shall rapidly cool food in ice bath, shallow pan in the walk in cooler/freezer or blast chiller.

Observed the following potentially hazardous food out of temperature:
- Cooked chowmein on the prep table with no time or temperature control at 68F.
- Raw chicken nesting on top of other food in the left sandwich prep top at 54F.
- Cooked pork nesting on top of other food in the right sandwich prep top at 63F.

Manager voluntarily discarded all of the above PHF on site.

Maintain PHF cold holding at <41F.

Observed no chlorine test strips on site. Provide ASAP.

Observed chlorine sanitizer from sanitizer bucket at 50ppm and another at 200ppm. Maintain chlorine sanitizer from sanitizer bucket at 100ppm.

Observed kitchen hand sink blocked with two 5gal used oil. Keep hand sinks clear and accessible at all time.

Inspection Memo:

This is a re-inspection to follow up on violations noted on 8/28/19.

All violation has been corrected except for the following:
1) Replace cable strap in the walk in cooler with jumpers.
2) Install a wall mounted paper towel dispenser for the front hand sink.
3) Keep a copy of the last routine inspection report on site.

Overall facility has been throughly clean and organized.
09/20/2019: Revisit/Reinspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

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