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Routine inspection observations:
Hot water from 3 compartment sink observed at 120*F.
Warm water from hand sinks observed at 100*F.
Most cold held potentially hazardous foods at or below 41*F, see violation.
Hot held potentially hazardous foods at or above 135*F.
Sanitizer solution at 3 compartment sink verified at 200ppm.
Dish machine verified at 50ppm chlorine. Test strips available.
Food protection manager and food handler cards were available for review, see violation.
08/23/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 9

Corrected on site

Several spray bottles of degreaser were not labeled. Employee provided labels at time of inspection.

Observed missing coved base tiles in the employee restroom behind and to the left of the employee toilet. Repair the wall and replace the missing coved base tile to have a floor/wall juncture that can be mopped clean.

Observed potentially hazardous foods inside of the 5 door below counter refrigerator at cook's line holding at 44-47*F. One of the doors was slightly open at time of inspection. Please maintain all doors closed when not in use and check the unit after a few hours. If they unit is still holding high, have it serviced to hold potentially hazardous foods at or below 41*F.

Repeat Violation

Observed the cold water handle at the mop sink missing. Replace the missing cold water handle at the mop sink so that both hot and cold water are available.

Discontinue storing toilet paper outside of dispenser in the employee restroom to prevent excess hand contact with the toilet paper. Utilize the wall mounted dispenser at all times.

Corrected on site

Observed the dish washing area hand wash sink soap dispenser empty. Employee corrected during inspection.

1) Clean all soda dispenser nozzle surfaces and ice chutes at both soda dispenser machines to remove debris.
2) Clean the right side condenser fan grate in the glass door refrigerator at server's line to remove dust.

Observed two deep metal pans of cooked sliced potato holding at 47-50*F inside of the walk in cooler which employee stated work cooked yesterday. Per employee, the chef may not have left the pan lids off overnight. Employee voluntarily discarded.

Cooked potato must be cooled rapidly from 135*F to 41*F in under 6 hours, with no more than 2 hours between 135* and 70*F. It is recommended to only use shallow metal pans rather than the deep pans, or fill deep pans only half way. Lids should be kept off the pans while cooling in the walk in.

Some food handler cards have recently expired. Please review the status of all employee food handler cards and ensure all who have expired renew within 30 days.

Inspection Memo:

A follow up inspection was conducted today in response to violations noted on 1/13/2021.

Upon inspection, all violations have been corrected except the following:

1) Continue to repair the 2 door cold top to the right of the range at cook's line to eliminate accumulation of water inside the unit. All liquid waste shall drain to sewer via an approved floor sink.
2) Continue to replace the broken off cold water handle at the mop sink.
01/28/2021: Revisit/Reinspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

***A follow up inspection will take place on or after 1/20/2021 to verify that the 5-door reach in refrigerator is holding at or below 41*F and that there is an approved concentration of sanitizer in the mechanical dish machine.

COVID19 Routine Inspection

-Facility is currently offering both indoor and outdoor dining. Observed approximately 20 patrons dining inside the facility, and approximately 8 dining outside. All patrons without face coverings. Provided education to facility has follows: Under Placer County’s current placement on the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy, dine-in restaurant service is not permitted. The State’s regional stay at home order was lifted last night, however, Placer County remains in the purple tier. As such, restaurants are permitted to offer approved outdoor dining, takeout, and delivery only. For updates on Placer County’s reopening status, facility should frequent the following website:

Measures observed to prevent the spread of COVID19:
- Facility is spacing indoor dining guests by using every other table and/or seating on opposite sides of walls.
- Observed Placer County provided COVID19 postings in windows for social distancing, wearing masks, etc.
- Per person in charge, menus are both laminated and single use paper. Laminated menus are sanitized between uses.
- All but one employee was observed wearing cloth face coverings. Educated person in charge that all employees must wear face coverings regardless of contact with public.
- Verified facility has a current workplace specific COVID plan. Per manager, all employees are trained in the plan.

No hand sanitizer is available at the facility for customer use. Since customers go straight to their table without washing hands, it is strongly encouraged to provide hand sanitizer for customers at the entrance of facility.

Note: Facility has a white tent outside which would not be considered approved outdoor dining due to having three contiguous sides closed. In order for the tent to be an approved outdoor dining space, the tent must have two walls on opposite sides which are open to allow appropriate ventilation and air flow.
01/13/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 1
 Minor - 7

Observed the waste line for the soda dispenser adjacent to the microwave and toaster maintained inside of floor sink. Shorten the soda dispenser waste line to provide a 1 inch air gap above the floor sink.

Observed an accumulation of water inside the 2 door cold top to the right of the range at cook's line. Service/repair the unit to eliminate accumulation of water. All liquid waste shall drain to sewer via an approved floor sink.

Clean and sanitize inside of the ice machine to remove accumulated mold and debris. Observed pink mold on the ceiling inside of ice machine.

Clean and sanitize the meat slicer to remove accumulated food debris.

Observed the cold water handle to the mop sink broken off. Replace the cold water handle to provide hot and cold water.

Observed the concentration of quaternary ammonia sanitizer in sanitizer buckets maintained too high at 400 ppm. Use test strips to ensure quaternary ammonia sanitizer is maintained at 200 ppm.

Observed the concentration of chlorine in the mechanical dish machine so high that test strips bleach out rather than show readings. Service/adjust the mechanical dish machine to reduce the concentration of chlorine sanitizer to the approved level of 50 ppm.

Observed container of gravy holding at 110-125*F in the steam bath at server's line. Insufficient water and lack of other containers present to keep in heat may be to blame. Per employee, the gravy has been there for 1.5 hours. The gravy was reheated to 165*F before being returned to the steam bath, corrected on site. Ensure the steam bath has sufficient water and covers to maintain potentially hazardous foods at or above 135*F.

Observed several open potentially hazardous foods holding between 48-50*F inside of the 5 door reach in refrigerator below waffle irons. Per manager, the unit has had issues in the past and may need servicing. All foods were relocated to the walk in refrigerator at time of inspection, correcting the violation. Do not store potentially hazardous foods inside of this refrigerator until it has been serviced/repaired and holds food at or below 41*F.

A follow up inspection will be conducted on or after 1/20/2021 to verify that the 5-door refrigerator below waffle irons is holding potentially hazardous foods at or below 41*F.

Clean plates are stored on a shelf immediately adjacent to the hand wash sink at cook's line and below the paper towel dispenser. The hand wash sink at cook's line has no splash guard to prevent contamination of adjacent clean utensils. Instructed to discontinue storing clean plates adjacent to the hand wash sink. Corrected on site.

Observed personal use blue hydroflask stored on clean plate and utensil shelf in kitchen. Store personal items separately from food and food related items. In addition, replace blue hydroflask with its twist to open lid with a lidded cup and straw to prevent hand contamination.

Observed peeling paint and accumulated debris on the condenser unit inside of the walk in refrigerator above uncovered foods (parboiled sliced potatoes and large container of jam). Clean and repair the condenser unit to be free of peeling paint and debris. Only store covered foods below the condenser unit until repairs can be made.

Observed bowl used as a scoop in the bulk flour bin. Replace bowl with a scoop with handle and maintain handle above the food to prevent unnecessary hand contact.

Observed parboiled sliced potato cooling in deep containers in rear of kitchen with an internal temperature of 88-110*F. Per employee, the containers were placed there approximately 20 minutes prior. Instructed to use shallow pans instead of deep for cooling purposes as an approved intervention. Corrected on site.

Inspection Memo:

Temperatures taken:
Hot water from the 3 comp sink at 120F
Warm water from all hand sink at 100F
Chlorine sanitizer from the dishwasher at 50ppm
Quat sanitizer from the sanitizer bucket at 200ppm
Cold holding food at <41F
Hot holding food at >135F

Covid-19 observation:
Observed 7 employee on site.
Observed all employee wearing face covering and gloves while working.
Dining tables are spread out 6ft apart.
Laminated menus and disposable menus are currently used on site. Laminated menus are being sanitized after each used.
Dining tables are cleared and there is no presetting of eating utensils or condiments.
Condiment bottles are sanitized after each used.
Only 1 employee is allowed to break at a time.
Waiting area is marked and spread out 6ft apart.
Hand sanitizer is available for employee and customer use at the front entrance.
High touched area are being sanitized every hour.
Covid-19 prevention signage posted at the front entrance.
Written workplace specific plan completed and available on site.
Restrooms are monitor by employee to ensure there is no congregating in the restroom. Recommend putting a sign on the restroom door to limit 2 person at a time.
06/09/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

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