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-Observed hot water at 3 comp sink at 120F.
-Observed most hand washing facilities fully stocked warm water, soap, and paper towels. (See violation #6)
-Observed proper cold holding of 41F and below except for one unit. (See violation #26)
-Overall, facility is generally clean and well organized.

-Green Placard.

-Facility is offering on-site dining.
-COVID19 and social distancing signs posted.
-Employees observed wearing face coverings.
-Hand sanitizer available to customers.
-Observed arcade open.
05/13/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 1
 Minor - 6

Observed fried chicken in hot holding unit at buffet with a temperature of 120F.
All hot holding shall be at 135F and above.
Chicken was voluntarily moved to the warmer and fresh chicken was put out.
Corrected on site.

Observed several sanitizer buckets at 0ppm Quat.
Sanitizer buckets shall be prepared at 200ppm Quat at beginning of the day and switched out every four hours or sooner.
Buckets were changed out and sanitizer from dispenser had a concentration of 400ppm.
Technician has been called out to facility to service unit.

Observed ware wash machine with sanitizer concentration of 0-20ppm Chlorine.
Ware wash machine shall have a sanitizer concentration of 50ppm Chlorine.
Technician has been called out to service unit.

Observed liquid underneath ice cream dispenser.
Observed standing water underneath ice bin in dessert area.
Observed standing water in ware wash area.
The floors of a food facility shall be kept clean and in good repair.
Clean the floors and remove any standing water to eliminate slipping hazards and possible insect/vermin attractants.

Observed the following hand washing stations without paper towel in dispensers:
-Behind soda fountains.
-Bar area.
All hand washing facilities shall be fully stocked with soap, warm water, and paper towel dispensers.
Corrected on site.

Observed ice build-up in walk-in freezer on piping coming from fans.
All equipment shall be clean and in good repair.
Clean off ice build-up. If needed, have unit serviced and repaired of any leaks.

Observed grime build-up in non-operating ice bin in dessert preparation area.
Once ice bin has been repaired, prior to using to make and store ice, clean and sanitize unit.

Observed reach-in cooler, thawing cakes, with inadequate seal.
Repair unit to maintain a proper seal and to maintain an ambient temperature of 41F and below inside of unit.

Observed pile of utensils and dishes in cabinet at dessert station next to ice cream dispenser.
All nonfood contact surfaces of equipment shall be clean.
Corrected on site.

Observed several cakes being thawed in refrigerator with an ambient temperature of 50F.
Use only one of four approved thawing methods:
1) Inside refrigeration of 41F and below.
2) As part of the cooking process.
3) Under cool running water (70° F) for no longer than two hours.
4) In a microwave, provided food is immediately prepared after thawing.
Cakes were voluntarily moved to another refrigerator.
Corrected on site.

Inspection Memo:

Observed hot water at 3 comp sink at 124F.
Observed warm water at hand washing facilities at 100F.
Observed dishwasher working with proper sanitizer concentration levels of 50ppm.
Observed no black mold in cold holding unit at salad buffet area.
10/14/2020: Revisit/Reinspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

10/09/2020: Revisit/Reinspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 2

Observed hot water at 3 comp sink at 111F.
Hot water must be available at 120F.

Observed hot water dishwasher not reaching 160F.
Hot temp dishwasher must reach at minimum 160F.
Have unit repaired immediately.

Re-inspection will be conducted on Wednesday 10/14/2020.
Failure to comply may result in a yellow placard and/or a re-inspection fee of $398.

Observed cold holding unit at salad buffet furthest from the facility entrance with black mold.
It is clear that facility had clean and replaced parts of the unit.

Continue to thoroughly clean unit to remove all black mold.
Discontinue use of unit to store food until all black mold has been removed.

Inspection Memo:

Observed proper cold holding at 41 or below.
Observed hot water at 3 comp at 120F.
Observed hand washing facilities fully stocked and accessible.

• Facility has prepared and implemented a written Workplace Specific Plan.
• Observed employees wearing face coverings.
• Observed physical distancing and COVID-19 signs posted.
• Observed barriers installed at point of sale.
• Per Plan, high touch areas are sanitized hourly.
• Facility has reduced the seating capacity of the onsite dining areas to provide a minimum of 6 foot physical distancing.
• Observed hand sanitizer provided at entrance to facility.
• Employees have been trained on the contents of Plan. Training is documented.
• Digital menus are being used.
• Buffet lines are not in operation, customers place order online and employee delivers.
09/30/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 4

Observed fried chicken in hot holding at 105F.
Hot holding of potentially hazardous foods must be at 135F.
Chicken was voluntarily discarded.
Corrected on site.

Facility vacuumed sealed the following food items for storage:
- Dressing (i.e. ranch and thousand island)
- Sauce (i.e meat marinara)
- Soup (i.e. baked potato chowder, chicken noodle soup)
- Mashed Potatoes
A food facility that packages potentially hazardous food using a reduced-oxygen packaging method must operate under a HACCP plan which has been approved by the California Department of Public Health.

These principles include completion of the following basic steps:
(a) Completion of hazard analysis identification by identifying the likely hazards to consumers presented by a specific food.
(b) Determination of critical control points in receiving, storage, preparation, displaying, and dispensing of a food.
(c) Setting of measurable critical limits for each critical control point determined.
(d) Developing and maintaining monitoring practices to determine if critical limits are being met.
(e) Developing and utilizing corrective action plans when failure to meet critical limits is detected.
(f) Establishing and maintaining a recordkeeping system to verify adherence to an HACCP plan.
(g) Establishing a system of audits to do both of the following:
(1) Initially verify the effectiveness of the critical limits set and appropriateness of the determination of critical control points.
(2) Periodically verify the effectiveness of the HACCP plan.
Discontinue use of vacuum seal equipment until an approved HACCP plan is obtained from the California Department of Public Health.
Comply by 3/30/2021.
Failure to comply may result in a yellow placard and/or a re-inspection fee of $398.

Observed the following food items not reheated to 165F within 2 hours:
- Chicken Noodle Soup
- Marinara with meat
- Brocolli and Cheese soup
All foods must be reheated to 165F within 2 hours.

Observed black mold inside of reach in cold holding unit at salad buffet on side furthest from entrance.
Discontinue use of unit and thoroughly clean and sanitize unit by 10/09/2020.
Failure to comply may result in a yellow placard and/or a re-inspection fee of $398.

Observed sanitizer buckets less than 200ppm at time of inspection.
Quat sanitizer buckets must be at 200ppm.
Corrected on site.

Inspection Memo:

Overall facility is well maintained and organized, food properly stored and labeled.
Hand sinks supplied with soap, paper towels and water temp>100*F
Three comp sink water temp>120*F
Sanitizer buckets at 200ppm quat
Cold holding units<41*F
Hot holding units>135*F
Multiple Food Safety Managers on site
09/24/2019: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 2

Observed dust and debris on filters and hood above fryers in dessert bar area. Please clean filters and have hood serviced. All facility hoods are scheduled to be professionally cleaned in October.

Observed small reach-in coolers at buffet area to not have working light bulbs, please replace light bulbs.

Inspection Memo:

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