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08/09/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 2
 Minor - 7

REPEAT VIOLATION - Observed food and debris build-up on refrigerator door handles. Please clean.
-Observed sticky grime build-up on sink faucets in the kitchen. Please clean.
-Observed heavy grease build-up on hood vents above fryer. Clean.
Correct immediately.

Observed a few flies in the kitchen. Take the following precautions to help eliminate flies:
1) Clean and sanitize damp, dark areas in the kitchen (floor sinks, underneath the dishwasher/3-comp sink).
2) Keep all doors closed as much as possible during the day. (Weather strip back door).
3) Install approved light traps with sticky boards, taking care not to risk contamination of food and food contact areas.
4) Contact a licensed pest control service and begin regular service if the above steps do not take care of the issue.

Observed no paper towels at the hand sink in the kitchen. All hand wash sinks must be supplied with soap and paper towels in dispenser at all times. Corrected during inspection.

MAJOR VIOLATION -No sanitizer buckets were set up at the sushi bar and rags were just sitting on counter. Must have a sanitizer container for sanitizer rags set up at start of each day and keep sanitizer changed every four hours or when needed.
Note: Inspection was conducted two hours after lunch service began.
Corrected during inspection.

REPEAT VIOLATION - Observed debris and dried splatter on walls throughout the back kitchen area. Clean. Correct ASAP.

-Observed dust and debris build-up around air vents in the ceiling in the kitchen. Please clean.

-Observed missing cove base tiles in the kitchen. Floors must be easily cleanable and in good repair. Replace missing tiles. Correct ASAP.

Observed containers of Liquid Plumber and Draino on shelving in the sushi bar. All poisonous substances shall be stored separate from food, utensils, single-use items and food contact surfaces. Correct immediately.

Observed gaps under and around back door. Please properly weather strip door to prevent pest entrance to facility.

MAJOR VIOLATION -Observed shrimp tempura at 105-111*F under warmer. Hot holding must be >135*F. Shrimp was voluntarily discarded.

-Observed tofu stored on top of ice in an ice bath, holding temp at 50°F. Please make sure to submerge tubs of food held in ice up to the level of the food to ensure cold temperatures throughout. Corrected during inspection.

-Observed sushi refrigeration unit (on kitchen side) to be ambient temperature of 44*F. Fish was probed at 44-46*F. Several items were stacked in a large pile. Please turn down temperature or have unit serviced to hold temp at 41°F or below. Discontinue practice of stocking foods in deep layers. Please keep doors closed during slow periods to help maintain cool temperatures throughout. Correct immediately.

Observed sushi rice stored at room temperature. When using time as a public health control, label the food item with the time it was removed from temperature control so that any left after four hours can be discarded. Correct immediately.

Inspection Memo:


Onsite to follow up with violations cited on 9/28/2020.

-Observed small counter top refrigerators in sushi bar at ambient temperature below 41 degrees F. Fish inside refrigerators was probed at 35 degrees F.
-Observed prep top refrigerator in sushi bar at ambient temperature of 38 degrees F.
-Observed small refrigerator below sushi bar at ambient temperature of 39 degrees F.
-Observed warewash machine at 50 ppm chlorine sanitizer.
-Observed significantly less debris on wall behind 3-comp sink and on cook line.
-Facility has a written Workplace Specific Plan.
10/02/2020: Revisit/Reinspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

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