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A follow up inspection was conducted today in response to violations documented and observed on the 3/16/2021 routine inspection and 5/12/2021 complaint inspection.

The following was observed:
-All affected areas have been cleaned to eliminate rodent droppings observed on 5/12/2021. Facility continues to have monthly pest control.
-Facility has purchased a 3 in 1 timer to track time being used to control the tofu, bean sprouts, and noodles at the customer assembly counter. These three items shall at all times be tracked by the timer and contents shall be discarded if 4 hours is reached. Per manager, the food items will most likely be replaced before the 4 hour mark. Please do not re-use container. A new container must be used when replacing these food items.
-All employees now have food handler cards. Ensure records are kept on site for review at time of un-announced inspections.
05/26/2021: Revisit/Reinspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

Routine Inspection Observations:
Hot water from the 3 comp sink at 120F
Warm water from all hand sink at 100F
Sanitizer solution for wiping cloths observed at 100ppm
Most cold holding at <41F
No hot holding observed

COVID-19 Inspection
-Facility is currently offering food service for indoor dining. Indoor/outdoor dining tables are managed by Galleria mall management. This is in line with Placer County’s current placement on the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy (red tier). Facility should frequent the following website:

***Facility does not have a workplace specific COVID-19 plan. This plan is required prior to having guests take part in indoor dining. A template will be emailed to facility. Ensure the template is filled out and kept at the store for review. All employees must be trained in the plan.

-All employees observed wearing masks.
-Covid-19 sign posted requiring mask use.
-Hand sanitizer is available, however, bottle is almost empty. Please purchase more.
-Ensure the facility high touch points are sanitized frequently. Recommend every 30 minutes.
-Menu is on board.
-Plexiglass barrier at point of sale.
-Physical distancing markers on floor leading to point of sale.
03/16/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 1
 Minor - 3


Observed tofu and bean sprouts holding in the customer assembly line at 49-50*F. Per owner, the food items are used up within 2 hours, but no current procedure is in place such as Time as a Public Health Control. Discussed with operator the use of Time as a Public Health Control with using timers.

Owner shall email a written procedure for using Time as a Public Health Control, and send pictures of timers which will be used to


Food protection manager certification is present, however, food handler cards are not available. One employee stated he has one but it is not at the store, and another does not have one. Within 30 days, ensure all employees have current and valid food handler cards. Maintain records on site for review.

Observed plate of personal food stored on top of open cans of food intended for customer consumption in the small 1 door cold top. Store personal food items separately from customer food items.

A soap dispenser is not available at the warewashing area hand wash sink. Owner has purchased a soap dispenser, but it is still in the box. Immediately install the new soap dispenser and maintained stocked.

Inspection Memo:

Temperatures taken:
Hot water from the 3 comp sink at 120F
Warm water from all hand sink at 100F
Most cold holding at <41F. See violation #7
No hot holding on site
Chlorine sanitizer from the sanitizer bucket at 100ppm

COVID-19 Guidelines
• Facility doing take out only. Per manager, indoor and outdoor dining tables are managed by Galleria Mall management. Observed dining tables spread 6ft apart.
• Observed employees wearing face coverings and gloves.
• Observed physical distancing and COVID-19 signs posted.
• Observed barriers installed at point of sale.
• Per manager, high touch areas are sanitized hourly.
• Observed hand sanitizer provided to employee.
• Observed disposable to-go containers being used only.
• All condiments are prepackaged.
• Disposable eating utensils are given to customer by employee.
• 6ft markings on the floor in front of point of sale.
• Observed soda fountain refill by employee using new cups only.
• Per manager, employees are required to do a wellness check prior to staring work.
• Digital menus are being used.
• Facility has not prepared and implemented a written Workplace Specific Plan. A Workplace Specific Plan template was emailed to operator. Please email completed plan to by 7/8/2020.

Failure to correct new or repeat violation may result in a yellow placard and/ or chargeable re-inspection.
07/01/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 1
 Minor - 2

A) Observed no manager food safety certificate on site. Per manager, it is stored at home. Provide a copy on site immediately.

B) Observed no employee food handler cards no site. Provide within 30 days.

A) Observed empty wall mounted soap dispenser at hand sink in the back of house. The wall mounted soap dispenser at the front hand sink was missing.
Owner was able to provide additional dish soap to use for handwashing during inspection. Must purchase hand soap immediately.

Email picture of hand soap and invoice of new wall mounted handsoap dispenser as proof of correction to immediately.

B) Observed empty wall mounted paper towel dispenser at both hand sink. Manager stocked paper towel dispenser on site.

Hand sinks shall be fully stock with hand soap and single use paper towel at all times.

Observed tofu, bean sprout, and cooked chowmein in the front ice bath display unit cold holding at 47F-50F. Maintain potentially hazardous food cold holding at <41F.

Manager added ice to the ice bath on site.

Inspection Memo:

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