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Comp Time Pre-Approved for Truckee Inspection Day. Actual work hours this date were 7am-7:30pm. 4 hours of overtime coded between two of today's inspections.

Routine Inspection Observations:
Hot water from Manzanita kitchen 3 compartment sink observed at 120*F.
Warm water from hand sinks observed at 100*F.
Most cold held potentially hazardous foods at or below 41*F, see violation.
Hot held potentially hazardous foods at or above 135*F.
Sanitizer solution for wiping cloths observed at 0ppm quaternary ammonia, see violation. Sanitizer concentration at kitchen 3 compartment sink approved at 200ppm.

Note: Verified food protection manager certifications for all managers. However, food handler cards are not kept in a centralized location for review as Human Resources keeps that information with each employee's file. In future inspections, facility must ensure inspectors can review food handler card status for all employees. Consider keeping a spreadsheet with names and expiration dates.
07/20/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 2
 Minor - 8

Toilet paper is not stored inside of dispensers in all employee restrooms. Discontinue the practice of using toilet paper outside of dispensers so that operation is hands free. Utilize the wall mounted dispensers.

Clean the mixed drink soda nozzle gun holster at Manzanita bar to eliminate mold and debris inside the holster.

Observed cleaning chemical aerosol and spray bottles stored at the Manzanita bar above and next to alcohol bottles and utensils. Store cleaning supplies separately from food and food related items. Note that one of the spray bottles did not have a label. Please label all chemicals.

The flexible plastic drain line for the glass washer at the Manzanita bar is entering into the floor sink resulting in a direct connection to sewer. There must be a minimum 1inch air gap between the drain line and the floor sink. It is recommended to replace the flexible plastic drain line with rigid plastic to maintain this air gap.


Observed clean spoons stored on top of the paper towel dispenser at Manzanita front preparation area hand wash sink preventing proper use of the hand wash sink. Ensure the hand wash sink is kept clear and unobstructed. Utensils shall not be stored at hand wash sink to prevent contamination.

Facility has not paid the annual permit fee originally due 6/30/2021. Failure to pay the annual permit fee will result in late fees applied. A food facility may not be open without a valid permit to operate.


1) Observed potentially hazardous foods such as bacon jam holding at 50*F and sliced cheese holding at 52*F in the grill station cold top. The drawers below the cold top were not holding food but did not feel cold. No thermometer was in the unit to verify ambient air temperatures. Facility is currently using ice in the cold top to keep food temperatures, however, food containers are not being fully submerged as needed. Instructed facility to add more ice to the food containers and place a thermometer inside of the unit. If the thermometer shows unapproved temperatures upon checking, facility shall have the unit repaired.

2) Observed chicken strips holding at 47*F in the cold drawers below the french top. Facility shall service/repair the drawers to hold at or below 41*F.

3) Observed a container of chorizo holding at 64*F at the In Room Dining station omelette bar cold top unit. The chorizo container was stored on top of a plastic tray rather than being within the unit. Chef voluntarily discarded. Discontinue the practice of nesting containers within other containers to ensure the refrigerator can properly cool the food. It is recommended to not use plastic containers when a food is hard to keep cold.

4) Facility is currently keeping hollandaise sauce out on the counter at room temperature at the In Room Dining station without any method of control. Discussed the option of using Time as a Public Health Control where the hollandaise sauce is marked with a 4 hour discard time. Inspector suggested using a timer or a marking on the container.

Note: Facility shall check the garde manger cold top for approved temperatures and take action as needed. Inspector observed some foods at 52*F in the top portion, however, the foods may have just been placed there by staff.


1) Observed no detectable level of chlorine sanitizer in the Manzanita bar glass washer. Facility shall discontinue using the unit until it is repaired to have 50ppm chlorine sanitizer. For the time being, glasses must be washed/rinsed/sanitized using the Manzanita kitchen 3 compartment sink.

2) No chlorine sanitizer test strips are present at the manzanita bar. Ensure chlorine sanitizer test strips are available for employees to check the glass washer daily.


No detectable level of quaternary ammonia sanitizer was found in the wiping cloth sanitizer buckets at manzanita preparation area. Ensure the wiping cloth sanitizer solution is changed frequently, at least every 1.5 to 2 hours.

Observed tray of raw shell eggs stored on top of a container of french fries in one of the Manzanita food preparation area refrigerators. Store raw shell eggs below foods such as french fries to prevent cross contamination.

Inspection Memo:

All hot and cold holding units are in compliance.

Sanitizer levels are in compliance.

Foods observed well covered/labeled/dated.

Facility is clean and organized.

Observed daily temperature logs for cold holding units.

A green placard was posted at the time of the inspection.
09/19/2019: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 3

Observed buffet food out without sneeze guards, lids, or some other manner to protect foods. Lids were put on at the time of the inspection. Be sure food is protected from contamination at all times.

1) Bar soda gun has syrup buildup. Thoroughly clean.
2) Observed left soda nozzle dripping on kitchen soda machine. Repair.

Observed equipment past the edge of the prep station hood. Be sure cooking equipment is within the 6" setback from edge of hood. Correct.

Inspection Memo:

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