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Routine Inspection Observations:
Observed warm water (100*F) at restroom hand wash sinks. Restrooms stocked with soap and a hand air dryer.
Observed cold holding of potentially hazardous foods at or below 41*F.
Facility is maintained in a clean and sanitary manner.
Ensure wet mops are hung to dry rather than leaving in mop bucket, see violation.

1) Ensure trash bins behind facility are maintained with lids closed at all times to prevent attraction of flies and vermin.
2) Facility has posted in public view an expired health permit to operate. Facility has paid the current permit year fee. Ensure a current health permit to operate is posted when received.
08/20/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 2

Discontinue storing cartons of raw shell eggs in reach in refrigerator above packages of ready to eat english muffins. Store raw shell eggs below other ready to eat foods to prevent cross contamination.

Discontinue storing mop heads in dirty mop water. Empty mop buckets and hang mops for air drying.

Inspection Memo:

Routine Inspection Observations:
-Warm water >100*F at restroom hand wash sinks.
-Cold holding <41*F except for bean sprouts, corrected on site.
-Ensure wet mops are hung to dry rather than leaving in mop sink or in mop bucket.
-Observed approximately 8-10 dented cans on retail aisles. Dented cans shall be removed by employees and separated from retail food for credit/disposal.

COVID19 Routine Inspection

Preventative measures observed as follows:
-Facility has a workplace specific COVID plan.
-COVID19 signage posted at entrance. Social distancing markers on ground outside and leading to registers. Barriers include plexiglass at each register.
-Per manager and the workplace plan, surfaces of each register, beverage cooler handles, and carts are sanitized between uses and on a regular schedule with 70% alcohol solution.
-Observed all employees wearing cloth face masks.
-It is recommended to maintain a training log of employees who have been trained on the site's workplace specific COVID Plan.

Note: The State’s regional stay at home order was recently lifted, however, Placer County remains in the purple tier. For more information and updates on Placer County’s reopening status, facility should frequent the following website:
01/15/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 1
 Minor - 1

Observed prepackaged raw bean sprouts stacked 4-5 packages high and holding at 47-55*F at the open air vegetable cooler display. Raw bean sprouts are a potentially hazardous food similar to meats and cooked vegetables. Per manager, the bean sprouts have been there at least since yesterday. Manager voluntarily discarded the prepackaged raw bean sprouts (9-12 packages). Per manager, from now on, prepackaged raw bean sprouts will be kept in the reach in wall refrigerator along with the living butter lettuce and other prepackaged salads. Verified the reach in wall refrigerator is holding below 41*F. Based on new planned storage location, this violation is being marked as corrected on site.

Observed pallets of recently delivered produce boxes stored in the rear shipping area. Per manager, bean sprouts are included in today's shipment. Note that bean sprouts should be promptly placed under refrigeration upon receipt.

Repeated violation. Observed dumpster lid broken and incapable of being maintained closed. An open dumpster can promote vermin and flies and create a nuisance issue. Repair/replace the dumpster to have a mechanism to maintain closed when not adding/removing.

Inspection Memo:

Temperatures taken:
Warm water from men's restroom at 100F
Walk in unit at <41F

Failure to correct new or repeat violations may result in a yellow placard and/ or chargeable re-inspection of $388.00.
02/28/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 7

Observed multiple pieces of ceiling insulation in the sales floor hanging down from the ceiling. Maintain ceiling in good repair. Correct by 3/6/20.

Observed multiple bags of ice stored on the floor in the walk in freezer. Please store ice at least 6 inches off the floor. Correct by 3/6/20.

Observed toilet paper rolls on top of the dispenser. Maintain toilet paper rolls inside the dispenser and keep extras in the supply room next to the restroom.

A) Observed accumulation of debris inside the mop sink. Maintain mop sink clean. Correct by 3/6/20.

B) Observed soiled mop and mop waste water still in the mop bucket. Discard mop waste water immediately after each use and air dry the mop heads on the mop holder.
REPEAT VIOLATION. Correct by 3/6/20.

Observed all the lights inside the walk in freezer not working. Repair by 3/6/20.

A) Observed accumulation of debris around the dumpster behind the back door. Maintain dumpster area clean. Correct by 3/6/20.

B) Observed dumpster lid broken and organic waste dumpster lid left open. Replace dumpster lid and maintain it closed to prevent vermin attraction. Correct by 3/6/20.

Observed no warm water from the women's restroom hand sink. Provide warm water of 100F-108F at all hand sink. Correct by 3/6/20.

Inspection Memo:

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