Food Facility Details

  5145 W LAKE BLVD
  HOMEWOOD, CA 96141
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Facility is clean and organized.
Cold holding temps <41F
Hot holding temps >135F
Sanitizer at buckets at 200PPM Quaternary Ammonia
Hand wash sinks are stocked and fully operational.
Water temperature at 3 compartment sink >120F
Food safety manager cert current and available at time of inspection.

Facility following current Covid 19 protocols.
No signature acquired per Covid 19 inspection protocols.
03/24/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 2

Observed: Facility missing previous inspection placard. Permit posted is expired.

Corrective Action: Inspection placard shall remain posted at all times and only removed by inspector. Post current permit in a conspicous area of bar.

Observation: Compressed gas bottles not chained. Waste lines inside of floor sink.

Corrective Action: All compressed gas bottles shall be chained at all times. Waste lines shall be mounted to maintain 1" air gap requirement in floor sink to avoid potential back up into equipment.

Inspection Memo:

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