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Routine Inspection:
1) Facility is clean and well organized.
2) Cold holdings in compliance (<41°F).
3) Hot holdings in compliance (>135°F).
4) Food Manager's Cert & Food Handler cards up to date.

Green Placard issued on this date.

Please take care to prevent REPEAT VIOLATIONS from reoccurring. Continued REPEAT VIOLATIONS may result in MAJOR VIOLATIONS, Yellow Placard, and additional re-inspection with penalty inspection fee.
07/09/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 5

1.) Observed no soap or paper towels at bar handwash sink. Correct ASAP.

1.) Observed significant food accumulation on floor of walk-in cooler in cook area. Please maintain floors to prevent significant food accumulation.

1.) Observed several cooling fans in the cook area with significant flour/dust accumulation. Please maintain cooling fans to prevent significant flour/dust build up.

1.) Observed significant grease build up on hood above pizza oven. Please service grease hood regularly to prevent accumulation of grease build up.

1.) Observed no sanitizer test strips in bar area for warewash machine. Please provide chlorine sanitizer test strips for warewash machine.
2.) Observed warewash machine in bar area at 0ppm chlorine. Have unit serviced to produce 50ppm chlorine during rinse cycle ASAP.
In the meantime, sanitize all dishes and utensils in the 3-compartment sink or warewash machine in cook area.
3.) Observed ice dispenser on soda machine adjacent bar area with mold building up. Please maintain ice dispenser to prevent mold accumulation.
4.) Observed soap dispenser for handwash sink adjacent pick-up area with no soap. Please supply soap dispenser with soap ASAP.

Inspection Memo:

Routine Inspection
• Facility is clean and well organized.
• Cold holdings in compliance (<41°F).
• Hot holdings in compliance (>135°F).
• Food Manager's Cert & Food Handler cards up to date.
• Dishwasher in compliance (50ppm chlorine).

COVID-19 Guidelines
• Observed employees wearing face coverings.
• Observed physical distancing and COVID-19 signs posted.
• Observed barriers installed at point of sale.
• Facility has no indoor dining at this time.
• Observed hand sanitizer provided at entrance to facility.
• Digital menus are being used.
12/14/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 2

Out of hand soap at the take-out-window handsink. Soap was replaced at time of inspection.

A) No sanitizer in multiple buckets at time of inspections. Lines were crossed at three compartment sink and detergent was being dispensed from the sanitizer labeled line. Lines were adjusted and sanitizer at 200ppm ammonium added to buckets. Recommend adding labels to lines to avoid confusion.

B). Observed no chlorine or ammonium test strips at time of inspection. Provide both ASAP.

Inspection Memo:

Temperatures taken:
Hot water from the 3 comp sink at 120F
Warm water from all hand sink at 100F
No hot holding during inspection
Cold holding at <41F
Chlorine sanitizer from the kitchen dishwasher at 50ppm

COVID-19 Guidelines
• Facility has prepared and implemented a written Workplace Specific Plan.
• Observed employees wearing face coverings.
• Observed physical distancing and COVID-19 signs posted.
• Per Plan, high touch areas are sanitized hourly.
• Facility has reduced the seating capacity of the onsite dining areas to provide a minimum of 6 foot physical distancing. Physical barriers were installed between each booth.
• Observed hand sanitizer provided at entrance to facility.
• Per manager, employees have been trained on the contents of Plan and logged, but the training log was not available on site for review. Please email a copy of the training log to
• Laminated menu are being used.
• Arcade area is closed.

Failure to correct violation may result in a yellow placard and/ or chargeable re-inspection.

06/16/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 4

Observed no chlorine test strips available on site. Provide chlorine test strips.

Observed employee open beverage with no straw or lid on the prep table. Maintain employee beverage in closed bottle or a cup with lid and straw. Store employee food and beverage in designated area away from facility food and food prep surfaces.

Observed cooked chicken in the pizza prep top at 44F-45F. Maintain potentially hazardous food <41F.
Employee relocated the container of chicken into the walk in cooler.

Observed 5 employee food handler expired. Provide valid employee food handler on site.

Inspection Memo:

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