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Routine Inspection Observations:
Hot water from the 3 comp sink at 120F
Warm water from all hand sink at 100F
Hot holding at >135F
Most cold holding at <41F, see violation
The kitchen high temperature dish machine verified to reach 160*F at the utensil surface using facility supplied test strips.
The bar chlorine dish machine was verified at 50ppm chlorine.

COVID-19 Inspection
Facility is currently offering food service for indoor dining at 25% which is in line with Placer County’s current placement on the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy (red tier). Observed every other table closed to promote 6 ft social distance. For updates on Placer County’s reopening status, facility should frequent the following website:

***Facility has a physical distancing protocol posted, but does not have a Covid-19 workplace specific plan. The workplace plan is required prior to having guests take part in indoor dining. A template will be emailed to facility. Ensure the template is filled out and kept at the store for review. All employees must be trained in the plan.

-Observed all employees wearing face coverings.
-Covid-19 signage posted at entrance, and sanitizer is available for guests and employees.
-Menus are electronic (QR code), with laminated menus as a back up. Laminated menus are sanitized after use.
-Employees screen for symptoms before working.
-Per manager, a new cup is used for all refills.
-Ensure high touch points are sanitized frequently. Recommend every 30 minutes.
-Food booths have plexiglass barrier between them.

Note: Observed two patrons having drinks at the bar without food. Educated manager that per State guidance, alcohol may only be served with a meal. This is consistent with bars which do not serve food having to remain closed at this time in the red tier.
03/22/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 1
 Minor - 1

Observed the wiping cloth sanitizer bucket concentration in a few buckets at well below 200ppm quaternary ammonia. Ensure the wiping cloth sanitizer buckets are maintained at 200ppm quaternary ammonia at all times. The buckets may need to be changed more frequently.

Note: The concentration of sanitizer at the 3 compartment sink was acceptable at 200ppm quaternary ammonia. Note that the sanitizer in buckets will dissipate over time.

Observed a container of roasted tomatoes stored without refrigeration at grill holding at 60*F. Per chef, the tomatoes are used up within 2 hours, so it is more convenient to store at the grill and not in the refrigerator or under hot holding. Chef is interested in using time as a public health control rather than temperature for the roasted tomatoes.
Within 1 week, facility shall submit a procedure for using time rather than temperature to control the hazard. Your procedure can be emailed to Include in your procedure your process for labeling the container of roasted tomatoes with the time it is taken from refrigeration and the expiration time 4 hours later. The roasted tomatoes cannot be returned to refrigeration to extend the 4 hour window, and any remaining tomatoes after 4 hours must be discarded.

Inspection Memo:

Temperatures taken:
Hot water from 3 comp sink at 120F
Warm water from hand sinks at 100F
Chlorine sanitizer from bar dishwasher at 50ppm
High heat sanitizer from kitchen dishwasher at 160F
Cold holding at <41F
Hot holding at >135F

COVID-19 Guidelines
• Facility has prepared and implemented a written Workplace Specific Plan.
• Observed employees wearing face coverings.
• Observed physical distancing and COVID-19 signs posted.
• Per Plan, high touch areas are sanitized every 15-20 minute.
• Observed indoor seatings closed.
• Observed outdoor seatings spread 6ft a part.
• Observed hand sanitizer provided at entrance to facility.
• Employees have been trained on the contents of Plan. Training is documented electronically.
• Observed facility using QR menus.
• Per manager, they have aprons, face mask, gloves and face shields for employee to use while doing dishes.
• Per Plan, employees must pass a health screening prior to work.
• Observed 6ft markings on the floor.

07/29/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

Temperatures taken:
Hot water from kitchen and bar 3 comp sink measured at 120F
Warm water from all hand sink measured at 100F
Most food in the refrigerator unit measured at <41F
Food in the warmer measured at >135F
Chlorine sanitizer from the sanitizer bucket measured at 100ppm
Chlorine sanitizer from the bar dishwasher measured at 50ppm
High heat sanitizer from the kitchen dishwasher measured at 160F

1) Observed the roll up window at the bar slightly opened. A cutting board and knife for slicing ginger and lime was also noted in the bar. Please make sure the roll up window remains closed except when cleaning underneath it as per approved plans. Please keep the exterior doors leading to the outside dining area closed.
2) Failure to correct violation may result in a yellow placard and/or chargeable re-inspection of $388.00.
01/08/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 5

Observed multiple box of clean single use articles and clean bins on the ground outside of the back door. Please move all the clean single use article and bins inside the facility until ready to break down and stored away.

Observed sazuki dressing, blue cheese and diced tomato in the left sandwich prep unit at the cook line measured at 44F-45F. Maintain potentially hazardous food cold holding at <41F.
Employee adjusted the temperature on this unit on site.

Observed no high heat sanitizer strips on site. Provide immediately.

Observed dumpster lid open and accumulation of debris and cardboards scatter all over the floor inside the garbage and recycling enclosure. Large amount of cardboard was also noted behind the back door. Maintain dumpster lid closed and keep garbage and recycling enclosures clean. Break down and remove all the cardboards by the back door as soon as possible.

A) Observed the hand sink by the prep sink out of single use paper towel. Ensure all hand sink are fully stock with hand soap and single use paper towel.

B) Observed the hand sink next to the fryer station blocked with a trash bin and paper towel dispenser is out of battery. Ensure hand sinks are properly working and keep it clear and accessible at all times.

Inspection Memo:

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