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Routine Inspection Observations:
Prepackaged market in Costco #29 break room. No food preparation. No employees present, all self service.
Cold holding of potentially hazardous foods observed at <41*F.
Food storage area is maintained clean and sanitary.
Note- Facility name is Canteen at Costco #27, while the actual Costco store number is #29. Facility must submit a name change request to correct the error.

As of today, facility has not paid their health permit renewal. Current health permit expires today 6/30/2021. Failure to pay the health permit fee by today leaves the facility open to late fees.
06/30/2021: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

Routine Inspection
• No violations observed on this day.
• Facility is clean and well organized.
• Cold holdings in compliance (<41°F).
• Handwash sinks supplied and accessible.
• Sanitizer is in compliance.
• Vending company's information is located on each refrigerator.

COVID-19 Guidelines
• Facility has prepared and implemented a written Workplace Specific Plan.
• Observed employees wearing face coverings.
• Observed physical distancing and COVID-19 signs posted.
• Observed barriers installed at point of sale.
• Facility has installed barriers on the dining tables in employee break-room so that each individual can eat behind plexiglas.
• Observed hand sanitizer provided at entrance to facility.
• Employees have been trained on the contents of Plan. Training is documented.

Note: Keep thorough and accurate cleaning records for the canteen refrigerators.
12/29/2020: Routine Inspection
Violations:Major - 0
 Minor - 0
Inspection Memo:

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